Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Utah part 2

Mike's bro sent over some pics I had to share. We went to Jaker's with them and it had to have been the best Pumpkin patch I have ever been to and it was only 1$! This pool of corn was so surprisingly fun. We were in there for awhile. Mike and I liked it more than Beckham I think. I want one in my backyard now....if I had a backyard. 
Below are some great pics that Kevin and Megan took for us. Thanks guys! It is amazing how much cuter kids look with a good camera. 

Cousins were able to meet for the first time. These kids are 6 months apart. It is amazing how much of a difference 6 months makes in the beginning of life but will soon all be the same. 

Thanks for such a great time guys! It was so great meeting Benson and exploring Utah with you. 

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  1. So much fun! We loved hanging out with you guys! Too bad we don't live closer!