Monday, December 14, 2015

My Little 2 Year Old

There is something really special about your oldest child's first birthday. It is the day I became a mom and I can't help but wander down memory lane a little more than usual today. Every time I look at the clock, I think, "This is when they called me to come to the hospital to be induced."
"This is when I really started feeling contractions." and at 2:35 today, "This is when that 8 pound 12 ounce babe came into the world." He was a really good baby-except when he was teething. Harper and him have a very similar temperament except she has to fight for attention and he had more than he wanted.  He has always been very happy and very smiley. He is super outgoing too. He loves to say, "Hi" to everyone at the store and whenever we are on walks. As long as he is fed and is up on his sleep, he is an absolute joy to be around. Lately, he has really started to come into his personality randomly singing, "Watch me whip" and "Shake your booty" as he dances and runs around the house. When he is looking for things he will say, "Where are you? Blankey, where are you?" He loves to have screaming contests with Harper which drives me crazy because they egg each other on. He is pretty obedient for a 2 year old but definitely has his moments. He talks non-stop and finds it mandatory to repeat himself 32 times no matter how many times you answer him (I honestly counted once). He will often wake in the middle of the night asking for popcorn or pizza. And will randomly do roll call- he has to name EVERY SINGLE PERSON that he knows.

He says the cutest prayers where he prays for the playground. He LOVES going to the playground and asks to go every single day. He is starting to get an imagination so playing with blocks, cars, animals and airplanes is much more fun than before. He has just started to be able to settle down long enough to scribble. 
He is an absolute terror during Sacrament meeting. You bring toys-he throws them. You don't bring toys, he will whine and kick. You bring food-he throws it, you don't bring food and he whines and kicks. But we have seen some improvement lately and know that there is hope. 
Speaking of kicking-this kid is a baller. He can throw and kick better than any 2 year old I know. It is pretty impressive. He is into every sport just like his Dad.
He is one smart little guy. I think every mom says that though. He is all potty trained. He speaks really well and pretty clearly and NONSTOP. He has a huge vocabulary and picks up on a lot. He can count to 10 most of the time and knows all his shapes, some letters and calls everything green...but we are working on that. 

In the next few months we need to get him off his pacifier which is going to be a struggle for sure. 
For his birthday we did a little bonfire outside with hotdogs and smores and he opened some presents which he plays with everyday. For awhile I would ask him how old he was and he would always say, "Fourteens". He has since figured out that he is 2 though. He definitely is trying to act like a 2 year old with his fits about EVERYTHING and if he has food or a toy in his hand, you better duck-it is coming right at you. I will say though, he gets over those fits pretty quickly so I guess that works. 

He is not perfect, but we love him and he is sooo much fun.
Happy Birthday, Beckham.

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