Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Shenanigans.

This Summer has been really fun. We love finding fun things to do and Palmdale has brought us some challenges in that respect. We have had to search high and low for fun things to do in this area but we have become pretty good at it. This whole Summer has just flown by and have been so crazy busy. Mike has had some job interviews and offers which led to some intense days of contemplating a move. We decided now wasn't the time to go.
We both received new callings. Mike is the Elder's Quorum President and I am the Young Women's President. They are both extremely busy/ high maintenance callings. We rarely have a night together these days, but we are finally getting into the flow of it. 
I have been teaching swim lessons all Summer which I love to do and it has been nice to save a little more money than normal. I went and stayed at my parents for two weeks to teach there as well. 
Here are some other things that we have done this summer...

We took a little drive to the temple on Sunday. Look at this little girl. I LOVE this picture!

Taking this kid to the beach used to mean playing in the sand now, it is just chasing Beckham down trying to keep him from getting swept away in the waves. 

This little girl is 5.5 months old and is crawling! She is such a trooper as Beckham learns to be kind and soft. She chews on everything and drools like a maniac! And this picture definitely makes her legs look sooo long haha. 

My parents put together the 2nd annual Thacker Olympics. They were soo fun this year! I think this is going to be one of those things that just gets better and better each year. We did relay races and blanket races, donut eating, nylons and shaving cream on heads and lots and lots of water balloons. It was just a big fantastic mess. 

My Cricut made this sweet sign. Looks pretty good right??

Every day we have made popcorn. This kid loves to sit and watch it pop. I really had to get creative this Summer. It is so dang hot-and it is so hard to convince this kid to stay indoors. 

We went to the AV fair and it was soo fun! I love how things get more and more fun the older Beckham gets. I remember taking him last year in the cutest little overalls and we listened to music and saw some animals and we were on our way home. This time he was able to go on a ride and he looked so grown up! I might have teared up watching him on this ride by himself. If this is a sign of how I will be in Kindergarten-I am in trouble!

We went to San Luis Obispo to see Eric and his girlfriend. We had a blast at Avila Farm-one of my favorite places to go, went on a hike, to the beach and just played. It is always fun to see Eric and I love this part of California.
The only thing that would have made it better-is if our kids would have slept! They were sooooo terrible! And they are just barely getting back to normal. It makes me not want to go anywhere!

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