Saturday, September 19, 2015

It is simple: Sleep is good.

I am not sure who loves sleep more-me or Mike. Mike stays up late and wakes up late and I am the opposite but I also like myself a good nap or two or sometimes 3 if I can coordinate the kids well enough. :)
Lately, we have been trying to have Beckham take just one nap for a few reasons, 1. He is turning 2 in a few months and having a 2 year old take 2 naps is pretty unheard of so it is time for him to grow up. 2. Keeping him potty trained is really difficult when he constantly has to wear a diaper to go to bed and run errands (I don't trust him that much yet). 3. He started to refuse the second nap.
 So we started the transition and Lo and Behold this kid turned into a terror! He was constantly crying, beating up on Harper-just a down right mean and annoying kid. He used to be 10% mischievous and 90% sweet and that totally flipped once we started him on one nap. He started screaming in the middle of the night for hours to the point he actually lost his voice. 
 So we are back to the 2 nap thing on most days and I got my sweet kid back. THANK HEAVEN!

Harper on the other hand, has not gotten clued in to the sleeping bug. I remember Beckham being the same way. She wakes up every 4 hours at night. This really didn't bother me much until recently when I have found myself falling asleep standing up-I am beyond exhausted. 6 months of this has really worn me out! I am so ready to sleep train her but Mike doesn't want to hear the poor girl cry. So we will continue to wake until she figures it out. 
We started sleep training Beckham at 4 months and he didn't start sleeping through the ENTIRE (12 hours straight) night until 11 months. He did turn into an awesome sleeper though(until lately) so I have hope for Harper. But I just hope she figures it out soon because I am turning into a walking zombie.

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