Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Potty Training!

The things I have been dreading most about parenting: 1.My kids telling me they hate me. 2. Getting the silent treatment from my teenage daughter 3. Potty training. 
All are inevitable. This past week we decided to conquer one of those. I originally thought I would potty train Beckham before Harper was born to save me some $ on diapers.  Then I realized that I was way too large to even get off the couch and way to tired to run his bare bum to the bathroom every time he needed to go or started to go. I decided my laziness was worth the few extra $100's. Then everyone told me that girls pick it up so quickly that I should just potty train them at the same time. I was good with that plan until Beckham started to really show interest in the "potty" and started hating his diaper being dirty. So we thought-let's just give it a try over the weekend and see what happens. I went to Target and stocked up on training underwear, bribery chocolate and Powerade so he will drink and drink and pee and pee all day.
We got him up Saturday morning and took off his diaper and let him run free. We kept handing him watered down Powerade and he really downed that stuff! And soon enough the pee started coming, and coming and coming. Looks like we pumped him a little too full of Powerade. EVERY 4 MINUTES this kid had to go to the bathroom-whoops! I spent the next little while scrubbing the carpet while Mike was on pee watch. We sat him on the toilet and watched potty youtube videos every ten minutes waiting for him to go. You wouldn't believe how many songs there are about going to the bathroom and they are all pretty terrible. By noon the kid got the idea and was loving the chocolate so much he was gladly heading to the bathroom whenever he needed to go. It is now Wednesday and we have had a small handful of accidents but for the most part, he has done really well. Now if only he would tell us that he needed to go when he has pants on... 
Here are some pics that have nothing to do with this post....
It has been so hot here, we needed some cheap entertainment. A bowl of flour did the trick!

The water park has also been our saving grace so far this summer!

This girl definitely has her moments of whining in the evening, but for the most part she is the smiliest little thing and is soooo much better in her car seat than Beckham ever was! She also LOVES Beckham! She just watches him run around and smiles at him even when he tries to wrestle with her. She only wakes up once or twice at night and eats like champ. 

I LOVE THIS KID!! Majority of the day, I just stare at his big brown eyes and watch him explore the world. I honestly can't get enough of those eyes though! He can be stinker and definitely has his tantrums and difficult moments but he has a heart of gold. Anytime Harper cries, he runs right up to her and gives her a kiss. Unless he is in a mood, he can be a really good listener. He always folds his arms for prayer before he eats. He is soo good at saying "Tank you." in the cutest little voice that warms my heart EVERY TIME. He will try repeating anything you say which will not be good around my siblings. He ALWAYS has to have a ball with him everywhere he goes. He gives random kids in the park hugs and kind of weirds them out but I let him because it is funny. He has sooo much energy and runs everywhere. And he lets me hug him as much as I want. He honestly makes being a mom sooo much fun. Writing this post makes me want to go wake him up so we can play! Man, I really got lucky with these two!

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  1. Potty training! Luke isn't even potty trained (although we've tried...kind of)! Maybe I should do Ben and Luke at the same time...