Friday, May 15, 2015

Harper's Blessing

As much as we would have loved to have Harper's blessing in our ward here in Palmdale-no one would have come. It is just too far for everyone. As a result, we had it in Mission Viejo because of all the family nearby. Both sides of the family were so supportive to come and we were especially grateful considering it was Mother's Day and everyone had plenty of other things to do. 

 I love Harper's dress! I used to work for a temple dress shop before my mission and this had a small blemish on it so they gave it to me because I have loved it so much. That means I have been waiting for this little girl to wear it for the past 7 years! It has just been sitting in my closet.
The morning of the blessing, I was telling my mom I didn't really have a blessing blanket for her besides the one we used for Beckham. She says, "Oh, yours is upstairs in the chest." It didn't even cross my mind to ask for mine! Sure enough we went upstairs and found my blessing dress, my mom's blessing dress and my blessing blanket that my grandmother and my mom made together. Since Harper's dress was so long and big, it was actually really hard to keep the blanket on her so I had to ditch it during the blessing. BUT it was still there during the blessing, so I think that counts.
I am going to try to get some pictures taken in her dress when she is fast asleep one of these days-I better hurry before she gets too big!
Loved having so much family and hanging out with them after too. My Dad's sister and niece just happen to be in town too, so it was really convenient and so fun to see them!

Oh and Harper's eyes are turning blue which means Mike has his brown eyed boy and I have my blue eyed girl. yesss!

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