Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day Weekend!

I had to take a test in Irvine on Saturday so we decided to just make a whole weekend out of it! I love these types of weekends where we can jam pack them with fun before getting back into real life. We started off going to the temple for what will probably be the last time in a long while (with the new baby and all). The next morning was test time where I had some serious pregnancy brain going on. That test took me so much longer than it ever should have. I need to remember to never take a test 8 months pregnant! 
Anyway....we got home and it was time to really enjoy the weekend. We went to Shaws Cove in Laguna Beach and played in the water and had Beckham touch all the sea creatures (don't tell the marine biologists).It was such perfect weather, I can't get over it. I have to admit, I wasn't ready for the weather to be this warm, but I will take it for a weekend.  

We had a little Valentine's Day party at my parent's after with my sister and her family. I have so loved living in the same state as these people! We went swimming and then headed over to THE MOST AMAZING PARK. I guess when you become a mom, you become a concessionaire of parks and this one was the BEST! The most amazing swings and contraptions. I can't even explain it. You have to go, no matter how old you are.  

We got home and made heart shaped pizza with delicious Trader Joe's dough. Then we spent the rest of the night playing Minute to Win It Games and The Not So Newly Wed Game by the Dating Divas. We were cracking up. It was a blast.
Sunday was a pretty chill day filled with naps and lasagna :).  

President's Day morning we headed out and got some breakfast burritos and then went to the beach to watch Mike surf. 

He did an awesome job and it was so fun to play in the sand for awhile. 

We packed things up and headed to Huntington Library which is more of a museum...the library part is deceiving. 

This place has great artwork and miles and miles of gardens. The best part was the children's garden. Kids just ran around in water, mist sprayers and pint-sized tunnels. This kid was in love!

We ended the day with some Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and then we were all EXHAUSTED!
Now back to reality...:(

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