Monday, January 26, 2015


I thought a lot about how I wanted to keep track of my kid's lives. I am not huge into scrap booking because they tend to look outdated quickly. I love Shutterfly books, but I didn't want to make a book for each kid every year- with just a few kids, that is a ton of books to keep track of throughout their lives! And baby books....well if you are the youngest child like I am, you know how those always end up-great for the first few months of life and then....blank pages...
While I was talking to  my sister about it awhile back, she brought up this journal idea, and I loved it! It is on my mind because I just bought a new journal for the upcoming little babe.
 I start the journals before they are born. Telling them how I felt when I was pregnant, how we felt finding out that we were expecting and then how I feel while we wait and wait for the new arrival.  
Once Beckham arrived, I made sure to write in this journal the day he was born while in the hospital. Mike wrote a letter to him as well. As we have gone throughout his first year of life, I have written about once a month. Sometimes, I will add pictures on the side so I can flip them and keep writing without the pictures taking up the whole book but to also give some chronology to the pictures and a visual to what I am writing. I try to write the things that he is learning, the funny things that he does or says and any milestones-which will be nice to keep track of because there is no way I will ever remember. 

So far, it has worked so well and my plan is to turn it over to them when they are old enough to add their own journal entries. Let's hope it works!

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