Sunday, December 7, 2014

My One Year Old!

We took him to meet Santa in the rain. Beckham loves to talk to strangers and wave at people in general, so I really thought he would do well with Santa but I was wrong. Either way, it was still fun. 

We even tried Mrs. Claus and that didn't go so well either. 
We will try again next year. 

We decided to do a little party for Beckham over Thanksgiving weekend so the fam could be there. We got him a little sand table which I am obsessed with and am SOOOO glad we have it! It has already brought so much entertainment for this little guy, I am not even sure we need a little sibling for him anymore. But I guess it is too late for that. 

We made sure there were plenty of balloons for him to play with. 

Doesn't he look so big here?? He all of the sudden became a toddler. I have had to put so many clothes away because he has outgrown them! All of his pants became floods overnight!

We played some pretty homemade games. I wanted to keep this really simple but fun for the kids. So we did a little beanbag toss into my mom's Tupperware. Worked out pretty well except that they tipped over very easily. 

See, even the adults loved it. 

Beckham loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show so we did a little Mickey Mouse theme. It was my brother's birthday too, but I think he loved the Mickey theme too. What 31 year old doesn't?

I found a big cupcake holder so the birthday boys could have an extra special treat. 

There are still days I look at this boy and think.."Oh my! We have a kid!" Even though he has put a small halt on all our couple fun, he has brought us so much more entertainment and joy than I ever could have imagined. He is getting such a personality now and is becoming more opinionated and is so social. He makes friends everywhere we go.
And for my own personal record, he says, "Mama, dada," He waves, blows kisses, loves to play patty cake and read books and he loves to watch Baby Einstein which I am very grateful for. He has finally turned into a champion 12 hour night sleeper and 2, 1 hour napper. 

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