Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ellen Degeneres show!

My dream came true!!
We had been entering Ellen contests everyday and writing a few emails trying to get some sympathy. We weren't getting any response and I had pretty much given up on the whole thing. Mike left to work and I was getting Beckham ready to run some errands and my phone rang with that LA area code. My heart dropped and I answered. It was that girl! My prayers were answered! She said, "I have some amazing news for you. We have extra tickets today and you guys were the first people to pop in my head. Can you make it by 2?" "Yes! We will be there!" She mentioned there was a slight chance she could get us in on Monday or Tuesday but couldn't guarantee it. There is no way I would risk that so I called Mike, he told his boss and was on his way home an hour later. Found a saint to take our kid for a huge chunk of the day and headed to Trader Joes to get the Ellen girl a gift (she mentioned she wanted to come out and meet us). By the time I got home, it was time to go. I was so nervous and was running around like a crazy person!
The traffic was on our side and we got there in less than an hourr, got something to eat and checked in. Turned out we were VIP, so even though we got there a little later than most, we were admitted są #16 and 17. We waited for a long time and the Ellen girl never dane lut, do we dropped off her present to some other workers to give to her. We were let in and seated 3rd row on the edge. Sadly, Ellen didn't dance, so we missed out on that part. They had their guests- Josh Gad and Kevin Hart and then came the 12 Days. This is what we won:
It couldn't have been better. Sometimes she gives out wine or something and this was all giftcards so it was perfect for us! We were a little bummed we didn't get a trip. We LOVE to go on trips, but we got a mattress and how can I not be grateful??
We lined up at the end of the show and they dropped all the giftcards in our bags and luckily, most of them don't expire except 2 of them so we are planning on using these for a LONG time.
The experience was amazing and I almost don't know what to do with myself, we have been working on this for almost 2 months now!

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  1. Oh man! I am SO jealous! Kevin is convinced now that we have to start emailing them so we can get on haha! So fun watching for you guys! & I loved your 2 second close up that was awesome! Absolutely LOVE the container store! They have so much great stuff! I almost died when I found out they were building one in UT! Can't wait to see you guys!