Friday, November 21, 2014

How Ellen Degeneres Broke My Heart

I love Ellen. I think she is hilarious and I have thought that since I saw her stand up comedy act "Here and Now". Which I highly recommend. I haven't missed one of her shows in about 3 years. That might sound a little weird but I like structure and Ellen and Good Morning America have become part of my routine. Once we moved to LA county, I made it my goal to get on the 12 Days of Giveaways. I did a ton of research and found in the end, you just have to get lucky. So I started applying to every giveaway I could. I wrote in letters and made Mike and my sister do the same (She is very lucky, so I thought it would help-she even won on the Price is Right before). Last year, I didn't get in. But this stuff takes time. 
September of this year rolled around and it was time to start bugging them again with emails from Mike, me and my sister. All of the sudden, MY PHONE RINGS. I answer and lo and behold, "Hi, this is Carly from the Ellen show. I am calling about some emails you sent us." (freaking out!). She asked me questions about my family, our financial situation, about Mike's work and what I used to do and what it would mean to get tickets to the 12 days (totally freaking out). She asked if she could Skype with us that night (what the!!! yes!!!). She said she would call at 5. Did she call?? No. The weekend goes by and I felt like my dreams had been shattered. 
We email her and she apologized and asked to skype with us the next day. Did she call?? NO. Is this a joke? Why is she doing this to us?
She emails us apologizing saying it is ratings time and its the busiest time of the year BUT good news, she wants to touch base the next day...did she? NO. 
Holy crap lady. Can you stop messing with my emotions! You are driving me crazy!!!!!
I felt like I was waiting to hear back from my dream job. So we decided to take things into our own hands. We wanted them to know that we were serious about this. So we made a movie and submitted it to 5 different places on her website. Can't get rid of me that easy. 

Finally, she called and set up a time to Skype and actually followed through. She asked us pretty much the same questions again and at the end said she would highly recommend us and pass on our conversation to her producer. Pretty cool right? Except that all I want is some dang tickets!!!!!! I need this madness to end!
 Just give them to me please!!!!!! This has been dragging on for A MONTH!! Do you know what kind of torture this is??
One of my biggest dreams could come true and I can do nothing but sit around waiting. 
Because I have no patience, I made Mike email the lady a few hours after we talked and ask her for a time frame of when she would get back to us and she pretty much says, It is out of her hands but last she heard, they were out of 12 day tickets. 
Why the heck did you interview us a few hours ago and ask us how we would react if Ellen surprised us with tickets?? UGGGHHHH!
I know it is stupid and I will get over it....eventually. But I am really feeling so heartbroken. SO SO SO SO SO SO HEARTBROKEN. 
I am also a little frustrated it took her a month to finish recommending us-if she were quicker with it, would there have been tickets? Is there no consolation prize for playing with my emotions like this? 
Well, you can bet we will be emailing her again asking for tickets to Ellen's birthday show in January. I still just can't believe we were so close and yet so far....ugh. 

We actually ended up getting tickets at the last minute to a show-you can check out the other post to see the update. It was amazing.

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  1. Oh man! I would DIE! I want to go to Ellen's show sooo bad!! Crossing our fingers for you guys!! Such a freaking cute video!!