Monday, July 21, 2014

Parent's Birthday

My parents came the same weekend as their birthday. I was so glad to be able to spend their birthday with them! We went to one of our favorite spots for dinner-Charlie Browns, Then spent Sunday going to church and just hanging out a bit. 
We had lasagna roll ups for dinner and they worked out great. Plus they are really pretty. For dessert we had some yummy award winning cupcakes from a local store. So good! I actually headed back with my parents that week to teach swim lessons for 2 weeks in their backyard. I had 7 kids and my parents were kind enough to watch Beckham the whole time. It worked out really well and I can't wait to do it next year. Plus it is always fun to go home and be the only child again.
Right when we got to my parent's house, literally, that night-Beckham started crawling. I don't know if their carpet is better than ours or what, but he just took off and is now climbing up stairs and standing up trying to take steps any time he can. 
Mike came over the weekend which happened to be 4th of July. That also really worked out perfectly. We BBQ'd and swam all day. That is MY kind of day! Then off to Laguna Hills to watch a really well done fireworks show. Last year, just a few fireworks went off and then the fire truck came and shut it down so we were really glad this one went better. :)
We put some earplugs in Beckham's ears and he was good to go. Didn't take his eyes off those fireworks. 
While I was at my house, I saw a picture of my niece, Haven. I thought these two really look alike. 
While I was at my parent's house, I was able to hang out with some friends from high school. I just love those friends that you can hang out with years later and have so much fun catching up. These girls were and still are a blast!
Mike came back the next weekend to pick me up. (I HATE driving through LA). We went to a concert in the park with the old folks home...I mean my parents. It was the Nashville Tribute Band. Mike and I listened to them a ton on the mission and it was so fun to hear them live while chowing down on some sandwiches. 
On the way home to Palmdale, we went to the LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake Game with Mike's cousin and his wife. It was a great game. Plus Target was there giving out a ton of stuff :). I love that stuff!
We made it back to Palmdale and luckily, the weather has been pretty decent but it is not looking good for next week. Thank heaven for AC. We have another 2 weeks before stake youth conference. It is pretty stressful, somehow Mike and I got put in charge of it and it has been a lot of ups and downs but I think it is finally coming together. Oh I hope so!!

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