Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Youth Conference Day 1

In February, Mike and I were asked to head up Youth Conference with another couple, The stake leaders said that they would just like some fresh blood and some fresh ideas and felt that we were the ones to do. It was a stressful couple of months. I love planning things like this. But I also love going BIG and this stake didn't quite think the same as me. In the end, it all came together and really worked out wonderfully. 

Our theme this year was "Who is your hero?" This was a focus on the Heroes of the Book of Mormon along with the overall youth theme, "Come Unto Christ". We had the Bishops and some other stake leaders dress up as the heroes and present their story and then do an activity to bring their story to life. The kids were put into "Tribes" where they had a husband and wife from the stake as their Tribal Leaders. Each tribe had about 16-17 kids in it. Some of the Tribal Leaders thought this was too many kids to keep track of and others thought it was great because they could easily entertain each other and they all found a friend. As an observer, I would say the big group was great. 
We had this Youth Conference at Camp Hinckley which is where the girls had just been for Girl's Camp, but they didn't seem to mind at all and it was nice to be at a place that the stake leaders knew well .

We started off at 8:00am where the kids came to the Stake Center to check-in and eat breakfast. We weren't allowed to get to the camp until 2:00pm, so we had to do some of our things at the Stake Center which worked out just fine. At 9:00, we started with a short speaker and sent the kids in to meet their groups.
When they checked in, they were given a name tag with their group number on it which made it so no one could switch groups. When they got with their group, they were given a strip of cloth to represent their group.  

As they were talking with their group, Captain Moroni stormed in firing up the troops. The kids were so excited and he did an amazing job. "Will you fight with me??" "YES!"  
He led them in a prayer and a gave them their own title of liberty to draw on. They put their group name they  made up together on it , the scripture that represented their group and then they made up a short cheer. We wanted them to play some get to know you games but only some of them did. 
After they were all finished, they presented their title of liberty and their cheer. 
For lunch we had some amazing BBQ sandwiches!

Then an ice cream truck pulled up to hand out some ice cream on our way out to camp. 

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