Monday, July 21, 2014

Do people even blog anymore??

My blog has especially come in handy when I need to remember something that happened so I guess I should try to keep up with this as much as I can. These are my graduating Laurels. I love these girls. They have been such amazing examples to me. They are so dang smart and really have so much going for them. I am so sad they have graduated but I am excited to see what they accomplish in the future. 
This baby is obsessed with anything on the ground. Luckily, we have saved him from eating worms, but he has definitely has his fair share of dirt, leaves, rocks and grass. We think he will be a botanist when he grows up. 
We went to Mormon night with the Dodgers. Endless nachos, hot dogs, drinks, popcorn and peanuts. It made us soo sick, but it was really fun. Elder Bednar was there and Kirby sang the National Anthem. 

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