Monday, April 14, 2014

Poppies but no puppies

It was our 3 year anniversary last week. It was in the middle of the week and I was helping with a baby shower that day, so we moved the celebration to the weekend. Mike usually gets off early on Fridays, so we headed over to the poppies in Lancaster. Lancaster is known for fields of poppies. They are bright orange and gorgeous! Fields and fields of them! The lack of rain the past few years has made them not so abundant, but I didn't notice. After, we were going to go visit the pound- sounds like a fun place to go on your anniversary right? Keep in mind that Lancaster was actually voted the 2nd most boring city in California...the pound is the exciting part of this place. The pound was closed which is probably good because I want to save all the puppies before they turn into glue. Then off to dinner and that was about it. After celebrating Mike's birthday, I get tired of planning so our anniversary is usually a little more low-key which is A-okay with me.
I do have to give a little shout-out to Mike for the occassion. Mike is an amazing dad, he is an amazing husband. He indulges me in my obsession to find entertaining things to do and often finds new places to take me because he knows I love random day trips (ex:pound).  He is kind enough to drive to my parents house at least once a month but usually twice and he even says he enjoys spending that much time with my family. He is so good at listening to my ramblings and when I say I want to buy something for myself, he says, "You should, you deserve it." I know being the main money maker has been a little stressful on him this year,  but he has worked so hard to earn extra money to make ends meet. More than anything, one of my favorite things about him is how kind and thoughtful he is. He brings me home little surprises of some of my favorite treats and often cuts roses from the backyard to put in a vase to surprise me in the morning. More than anything, he is soo soo soo forgiving.  I was teaching young women's a few weeks ago about forgiveness. Mike has always been the perfect example of someone who is forgiving. When we first got married, I could be... well, a little stubborn. We would disagree about something and I would want to stay angry for a little bit. I wanted to hold on to it and let it fester like girls do. Within 30 minutes Mike would come to me and say he was sorry whether it was his fault or not. He would tell me that he loved me and that it was one of his goals when we got married, to never let us be mad at eachother. He would do this after every disagreement. It has really softened my heart through the years and has made it so we are great at disagreeing and then moving on- something that has made being married that much easier.
I could go on-he is so smart and such a great example to the youth he works with. I am very proud of him and so lucky to have him around. Sure, it took us 4 rounds of dating to finally get him to settle down, but it was all worth it.
Okay, done with that sappy stuff.
Beckham is starting to get to that point where he gets restless during sacrament meeting. He is that little baby that randomly screams during the quiet moments. He is just finding his voice, but sometimes, you just have to take him out. Right when he gets out, he as calm as could be. Maybe he is overwhelmed by all the people?? This was our church selfie while we were out. I love his little Janie and Jack church clothes.  

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  1. I love how you phrase things and how real you are. Glad you're so happy!