Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mike is 27!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE BIRTHDAYS! It doesn't even have to be my own. I love them! I started planning Mike's months ago and I have been so excited for him to see everything!
Every year, Mike wants shoes so I just let him pick them out. The presents are never too exciting but I did surprise him with his favorite move that he LOVES to talk about, Space Jam and he really was thrilled about it.
Beckham surprised him with his own little sign and balloons which he devoured upon contact.
The next day, Mike called in sick from work and we went and did a little golfing. We seem to do this every year now that I think about it.
We took the scenic route through Angeles Forest to my parents house. We tried to take a short cut and ended up in a prison. When I say in, I mean IN the prison. They didn't have it blocked off or anything and as we drove through it, a man in an orange jumpsuit with the word Prisoner on it waved us down to tell us to turn around. Whoops!
We dropped off our baby at my parents house. It was our first time leaving him for more than a few hours. That's a big deal!
We headed to San Clemente State Beach where our campsite was. This is apparently the best beach camping you can do around here. I had to snag the spot in January.
We set up camp and headed straight for the beach to find the very last fire ring for our hotdogs and smores. So nice to watch the sunset there but it was definitely a chilly night.
We watched Space Jam in our tent and slept nicely all snuggled in blankets. We woke up at 6:30 to a bunch of kids running around in the camp next to us and the bright sun shinning through. Whose idea was it to go camping for the ONE night we didn't have a baby to wake us up???? That was not one of my best decisions.
The next morning we went to the Bagel Shack. OH MY! This place was soooo good. I got the Ole Man bagel sandwich and I was in LOVE. We then went and got Mike some Rainbow sandals (present from my rents) and then to San Juan Capistrano and rode our bikes around and headed home to see our little babe! Of course we missed him, but it was nice to get to play wihtout catering around feeding and changing times :).
We spent the rest of general conference with my parents eating some delicious food, celebrating Mike and My Aunt Jackie's birthday and just chillin outside. The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to just chat with everyone in backyard. Those are some of my favorite days.

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  1. We stopped by San Clemente our last night & that was THE best sunset! So fun! You guys always do the funnest stuff!