Monday, March 17, 2014


I bummed a ride to Utah with my parents this past weekend. One of my favorite cousins got married and I really wanted to see it all! The whole wedding was so cute and fun-just like her. I forgot to pack my temple recommend and didn't realize it until I walked in the doors. Luckily, my stake president answered his phone and was able to vouch for me a few minutes before it all started. Phew! 
The reception was at a barn and it was so dang cute! I wish I had taken some pictures. They did a great job with it all. The next day was spent hanging out with Eric,visiting my great great uncle (making plans for his 90th birthday party that will happen in a few months) and visiting my Dad's fam. It was a really quick trip but the weather was great and it is always fun to be treated like a little kid again when I am husbandless with my parents.  

This little guy was such a champ! He slept the whole way there. He got passed around a ton over the few days and just smiled. It was so fun to have him around to show off. I am SOOO grateful he is such a chill kid or this trip would have been very stressful. He was way tired of the car on the way back but he still pulled through for us. Thank heaven!
This is my great great uncle whom we will be celebrating at the end of May! He still scuba dives, swims everyday and plays golf multiple times a day.  While we were there, we went through some of his old pictures and memorabilia. He worked closely with Howard Hughes and as a result, went to some of the Academy Awards, traveled the world and went on dates with some old time actresses. The Rat Pack even practiced their music in his Vegas home. He is one amazing guy!

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