Monday, March 3, 2014

Some pictures to warm the heart....

This was our first time leaving Beckham for longer than an hour. The whole time I was thinking...."What if he falls and we get a call from the hospital" "What if.... " It is amazing how hard it is to leave your first baby even for a few hours. I always thought I would be a chill parent that would have no problem handing my baby over to someone-no problem but it's my baby! I love him to death and he has become my best accessory. Literally, I have him match me sometimes. :)
  Having said that, we spent the weekend with my parents and my parents are always wonderful with him so i didn't have to worry too much :).

Besides visitng my parents on a very rainy weekend, we have just been doing the normal life thing so here are some cute pictures to warm your heart and soul. Or do these pictures just do that to me??
Sometimes I like to put some food on his lips to see how he reacts. It is like watching a dog eat peanut butter....I haven't given him any peanut butter for the record and I don't give him a lot just a little taste :) I just want him to look forward to the good things in life.
He is getting some good muscles and is sooo close to turning over!
Made him a bow tie and it was HUGE! So I decided to see what he would look like as a girl.
Mike has had his shirt for a long time and there I was walking around Wal-Mart and BOOM! 5$ mini me shirt! I couldn't believe it and I can not wait for them to wear these together!! Sadly, the shirt is 18 months so we will have to wait for that. Mike was so excited about their matching shirts too.

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