Monday, February 24, 2014

On the way SLO

 Our friends from Chicago had moved to Sacramento area and we decided it was time to get together for a little weekend trip. I LOVE little trips like this! On our way to the meeting spot of San Luis Obispo, we decided to take a few pit stops and enjoy the drive.
We walked around Valencia and saw a bunch of playing seals with our little gnome child (is it just me or does that hood make him look like a gnome?)
We stopped in Santa Barbara for some Mexican food. This place had a long line, so we knew we had to go there. After waiting 45 minutes at this little taco shack, we were starving and ordered 30$ worth of food. How do you spend 30$ at a taco shack?? Well we did and loved every bite of it :).
We took a little pit stop in Solvang as well and bought some Danish patries and played with the little wooden toys
I look forward to the day when the baby looks at the camera without us having to make fools of ourselves.
Beckham did awesome on the drives, he slept pretty much the whole time. We listened to a book on tape called "Unbroken" We still haven't finished it, but so far it is really good. It is about WWII and some POW's in Japan.

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