Monday, February 24, 2014


We met up with the Petersons at the hotel. Our kids' due dates were 2 days off. Annette had hers a few weeks early and mine was a few weeks late so they are about a month apart now, but they look the same size! We just chatted in their room and headed out the next day to have some fun!

First stop was Morro Bay. Tons of surfers out and we saw some little sea otters lounging in the water and diving for fish.
We walked around the town and stopped in at the Morro Bay Aquarium. We bought some chopped up sardene fish in a little bag and fed the poor little seals that were trapped in a cement cage.
That place had definitely seen better days but there were some awesome Octopus'. The crab shells that they had just devoured were sitting there on the rocks and a poor little crab was hovering in the other corner awaiting it's sudden death at lunch time.
And then I teased my child....

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