Tuesday, March 11, 2014


There is this mysterious store that we have always wanted to go to. As you can see...it is very strange and enticing at the same time. It claims to have amazing shakes and deep fried Oreos and Twinkies. You walk in and it smells amazing! Sadly, we weren't there for food...but you can bet we will go back. It claims to be the largest gift shop in Antelope Valley. I believe it. It was pretty much every random gift shop/gas station gift shop that you have ever seen put under one roof. It was just delightful and should the stars align and you decide to visit the Palmdale area like you have always dreamed up doing, this should be your top priority.
This is was in the back....why? Not sure. But I am really digging that Santa with the surfboard next to the Buffalo. 
Mike's brother and his wife came to town and after showing them the fantastic Palmdale, we made our way to Bel Air and Beverly Hills. We love looking at all the houses. I love to look them up on my Realtor app to see how much they are. 
The weather was gorgeous the whole they were here so we were able to go to Santa Monica and eat from a Taco Truck. We walked the streets of Santa Monica for awhile and found some really fun stores. It was a great weekend and we are loving this weather!

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