Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kristyn came!

Kristyn was on spring break so she brought her kids for a little visit! We headed over to the crowd pleasing Cat House where the peacocks roam free...but not so much for the cats.
There are cougars, leapords and all those fun guys. The staff is so kind to talk to as well. We got to see their food come out which was some raw chickens. The workers said for Christmas they get a huge pile of meat that they love. My sister wasn't here too long, but we had a blast playing outside and heading over to a skatepark where the kids could use their scooters.
On Thursday, we were invited to go see one of the missionaries from our mission play with his band in LA. Our mission president from Denmark happened to be in the area and we invited him to come with us. We met them up at The Grove (one of my favorite places!) and went to out to eat before the concert. The elder was soooo surprised to see them there he looked like he was going to cry. It was so fun to surprise him. Their band was really good too. Check them: We are the Strike.
Don't worry, we had ear plugs for the baby :). It is so fun that we have remained friends with our mission president since the mission. They never forget a birthday and are so kind to email us often to check on us. Not to mention that they took such good care of us when we went to see them in Denmark. It has also been fun to see our relationship change with them from their missionaries to their friends.

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