Saturday, March 29, 2014

A shutterfly review

You may not care about this post, but for those of you wondering.... 
3 degrees, 2 moves, a handful of jobs and a baby later, I have finally finished our wedding book! Did I mention our 3rd year anniversary was coming up next week????
This is the project that never ended! I loved our photographer (Tiffany Johnson! I wanted to get a book made right away of all the incredible photos she took. I knew I wanted a leather book with thick pages but I also knew I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. I kept researching and researching different books and finally heard that shutterfly does the lay flat leather books now at a reasonable price and people were really pleased with them. The best part was, I could customize it completely. This was a blessing and a curse. I wanted my book to look timeless. Something I wouldn't be embarrassed of a few years down the road. So I would work on it and come back to it, work on it, then come back to it so I could really mull it over. I finally was finished (3 years later). I found shutterfly to be an amazingly easy website to do myself. They have pages of ideas and lots of different options. I really enjoyed making it.
 Then the total came on the screen: 250$ Ugh! That is really not a lot compared to most people's books, but I do not have most people's bank accounts. I couldn't do it. So I signed up for their e-mails (it is really really rare the leather, lay flat page books have discounts-but I was advised to do this through another blog) and lo and behold, they sent me some discount to entice me to finish what I had started (it must have been bugging them as much as me). 20% off, then 30% off, then free shipping. When all was said and done with taxes, it was 130$. 70$ of it being the leather bound part alone. They offer a picture cover that would have saved me a ton but I just wanted a classic black cover.
They printed it and I recieved it within a week. When the doorbell rang today, I jump up to get it. I was too excited to wait!
They have a nice white stitching along the side. The leather is thick and durable but not too thick.
It was so amazing to see what I worked on for so long in real 12x12 life. One of my favorite parts of this book was the spread feature. It made pictures like this come to life with so much detail.
They have tons of different backgrounds. Some of them cost 99 cents and others are free. You can't really tell, but there is a light yellow striped background that looks so great on this page.
My absolute favorite thing is that you can use your own pictures as the background. This one is with my bouquet.
Love this cake background too! They have little captions you can use like, "The Cake", "The Dance" etc... that add a little somethin', somethin'.
The pages are about as thick as a postcard so not super thick, but in my opinion, thick enough. My only concern is the binding. It seems as though, if you were to go through this book a ton, some of the pages might fall out. I am also a little concerned that little hands could pull out the pages easier than I would like. In other words: keep away from children.
All in all, I absolutely LOVE the book and my experience with Shutterfly. I am sooo glad we finally did it!
You can take a look at the whole book online here....


  1. This is so pretty! Which I didn't have ours partway done so I could get one!!

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