Monday, February 3, 2014


I don't know why I didn't do this earlier! My sister shows me this website for of free subway art.
You print up the pictures at costco and 3$ later-I had some really cute v-day decorations. The website has them for EVERY occasion. I think I am just going to go through and print a ton of them for all of my frames. Adds such a cute element.
Sorry for the bluriness. One of my other favorite websites is It is full of fun date or group date ideas. Definitely reminds me of my BYU days, but you can always use a cheesy date here and there. While I was on the website, I got the 12 days of Valentines idea. Each of these boxes (bought from the dollar store) is filled with one of Mike's favorite treats and a little note from that website. These boxes will be hidden around for him to find one a day until V-DAY. VDAY this year will actually be spent with our friends from Chicago, the Petersons in San Luis Obispo. I am so excited. I love them, and I love that place. I am just really really hoping it is warmer then it is right now. It is sooo cold here! BURRRR....okay it is warmer than Chicago and that is all hat matters. :)

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