Monday, February 3, 2014


We went to MV to visit my parents and go whale watching. We had heard there have been tons of whales out this year so we were really excited about it. We bundled Beckham up and the boat rocked him right to sleep.

The coolest part of whale watching was definitely the dolphins. The captain called it a megapod. He said megapods are rare and it is when they travel in groups of a thousand! They were so fun to watch mostly because dolphins are such show offs. They were riding the wake of the boat and doing all sorts of flips and there really were TONS of them! The captain said he has never seen that many together before.

After a small nap at home, Mike and I went back through LA and got to go out with my cousin and her new husband to the Clippers/Jazz game. Beckham had a huge blow out and to make a long story short-some how it got all over his body, including his hair! Disgusting! Mike took him to the bathroom and had to give him a mini bath. haha. Mackenzie and Ben were so patient with us though and it was a blast to see their new place and spend time with them. We also went to an amazingly yummy restaurant. Loved it!
Ben and Mackenzie held Beckham and put him to right to sleep amongst all the noise.

We picked up Mike's sister Dana and her son Jayden to spend the next day with us before they went off to Legoland and to see some other family. We watched the superbowl. Sadly, it was cold and rainy, so we didn't get to do a lot outside.
I just like to tease children sometimes...I can't help it. I think it is all pent up from being the youngest and not having anyone younger to tease.
Beckham LOVES playing in the water and Mike is already teaching him how to swim. It is so adorable.
I had an instant love for Beckham when he was born but oh my goodness I am soooo in love with this baby now! More and more everyday. I am becoming one of the obnoxious people that talks about their kid nonstop and posts way too many pictures and I don't even care. His little smile and his chill personality just melts my heart. I LOVE IT.
...and here is a picture of a cute puppy just for fun....

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