Thursday, February 6, 2014

What every family needs

I often think about this. It is silly but here you go...

So often we get in a pickle. We need something done, but we don't want to pay to have it done or perhaps we just need a second opinion. This leads me to a list I have been making in my head for awhile now.Every family should have the following:

A photographer-My sister is great. She has a fancy camera and has saved me a lot of money taking pictures for us for free.

A handyman-How many times do you have something silly break and you are not sure how to fix it? You know if you were to call some professional they will charge you 50$ just to tell you that you forgot to plug it in. This is when my brother-in-law comes in handy. He has a bunch of tools and knows how to fix things. Love it

A car repair guy (or girl-I don't mean to be sexist)-I am still on the look out for this in my family although we have a neighbor that seems to know his stuff. Mike's dad was a mechanic and I was sorta hoping Mike would just magically inherit his knowledge but we still take our car to get oil changes so.....

Hair stylist-Not just any hair stylist. A GOOD ONE. There is nothing worse than having a hair stylist that isn't good in your family. Then you feel like you HAVE to go to them but don't want to.

A doctor-This is self explanatory. My cousin is a foot doctor and my mom called him about a concern she had about my pregnancy. I think this proves she would agree with me. On my cousins behalf, he actually had a great answer but a general doctor wouldn't hurt.

A computer guy- There have been numerous times Mike's brother, Kevin has saved Mike's computer from utter destruction.Some people are just blessed with computer know how and thank heaven we have him around.

Now the following would just be perks:

Seamstress-Although this is not at the top of my list, I think it would be a good plus. I would love somebody to tailor some of our clothes to fit us better, hem pants, add sleeves to a dress or help sew halloween costumes.

Lawyer: Sometimes you wish you could threaten a company or whatever with your lawyer dad or something. Not that this should happen often, but it would be nice to have in my back pocket just in case. I would even deal with some lawyer stationary with threatening words on it.

English Major-This would have been especially useful in college, applying to college, resumes, always need a good editor.

Wouldn't this be nice? Sure you would have to have 6-9 children in your family but we could all help eachother out :).

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  1. I totally agree with this! Especially the part about cars.. I so wish Kevin knew more about cars but thank heavens he's so good with computers! :)