Friday, January 24, 2014

Mike's mom came to visit

Mike's mom came to see Beckham. He smiles more and more everyday so it was a really good time to meet him. She also came over the weekend so Mike could show his family-man skills and drive her to see some cool things (driving in LA freaks me out-I swear those freeway lanes are way too close together) There is not a ton to do around Palmdale so we headed to Santa Monica and walked the pier.
It was really a gorgeous day
We hung out on the beach for a little while until it started to get cold.
From there we went to the Getty Museum. It is a free museum, we just had to pay for parking. We ran through it pretty quickly. I think we were tired and the security guards in each room didn't seem to think Beckham random screams were as cute and funny as we did.
We got to see a beautiful sunset and a great view of LA...smog and all.
Sunday we headed to the park to feed the ducks and geese. As you can see, there were a lot of them. We definitely needed some more bread that is for sure
Monday was her last day there and we headed to the Cat House. This place was really cool! They breed cats to send them out for research and to zoos and such. You get really close to them and there were a ton of peacocks walking around which reminded me a lot of Polish parks. Next time I want to go during feeding hours. I hear that is pretty sweet to watch.

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