Friday, January 10, 2014


So, I had written a blog entry before Christmas about motherhood and all the things that really surprised me about it-the pain afterwards for example. I did it with all sincerity and honesty but Mike read it and said it made me sound sad. That was definitely not my intention. It is always hard to make huge life changes especially when it impacts your sleep, physical comfort in general, going out with your husband on fun adventures and just your overall lifestyle. I do have to say that as strange and new as it all is, I am really loving this new role. I like the challenge of trying to do everything with one hand holding a 11 pound baby and the other doing whatever I need to do. It is like a game for me. It is almost as fun as keeping a baby bouncing in the bouncy chair with one foot while I lift small weights in the other for a small workout or racing to get as much done as I possibly can in the 3 hour morning nap as possible. You would laugh watching me run around cleaning and trying to get ready for the day like a maniac.

Anyway, he is now 11.5 pounds 23 inches and healthy as can be. He has started to smile a few times a day but he really makes you work for it. My favorite is when I walk in to pick him up in the morning and he gets this smile of relief like he is being saved by an angel from his cage. I love it.
Mike is an amazing dad and this kid just LOVES to cuddle with him in the evenings.


  1. I read your other post & actually told Kevin I was glad someone was honest about motherhood because obviously you love him & he's fantastic but so many moms act like its a piece of cake. I for one am terrified to be a mother! But I'm glad you guys are gettin the hang of things! You seem like a fabulous Mom!

  2. I'm here for ya when your time comes Megan. I'm willing to commiserate and support :)

  3. Motherhood is all about being honest! That's the only way we can survive!;) it's the most wonderful difficult thing we will do!! I'm here to hash out all the nasty and wonderful details with ya girl!!!!
    Ps your gorgeous! And little B looks so much like Mike in that bottom pic!!! So cute!!!