Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas part 2


New Year's day, we always go out to eat at the Potato Shack. It is has these massive sized pancakes. Aferwards, we hit up the beach.

Sunday was Beckham's blessing day. It was wonderful and Mike did a fantastic job. It was so great to have the support of so much family there too.
I LOVED his outfit!

This was only my 3rd time going ice skating so Mike has to stay close by for awhile until I get used to it again. Then he did a good job helping the little kids.

My favorite thing about this place is those buckets the kids can use to help them ride. It is hilarious watching them leap frog around on these buckets. Pretty good idea.

Last day there, we went to Ellen while Mike was kind enough to stay home with the baby. I LOVE Ellen. I think she is hilarious and I watch her show religiously. I was trying to get tickets to her Christmas shows but turns out she only gives her tickets away for that show to contest winners and such so we got tickets for her first show in January. I even got to give her a high five as she danced by us in the beginning. We had an excellent group of people there too-Leonardo DiCaprio, Courtney Cox and Sarah Barrielles. Ellen's girlfriend, Portia was watching the show being taped as well.  We had to dance so much in her show, we all left exhausted!!
Then it was back to our home in Palmdale.

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