Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas part 1

After a super nasty week of a breast infection (sorry TMI?But seriously, worst thing ever!), we went to my parents house. Our first adventure was to the boat parade in Newport. Talk about terrible traffic! We are either leaving 2 hours earlier next time and walking around or else we aren't going. I HATE sitting in traffic. Being with a baby in traffic is even worse. I feel like they are ticking time bombs. I know he sleeps for 3 hours so from the second he falls asleep, the countdown begins tick tock tick tock. So the longer we are in traffic, the less time at the baot parade.
Mike wa an awesome MR. MOM. He carried that babe around and keeps him nice nad warm. It is a great help. The boat parade was great too while we sat and enjoyed some hot chocolate.
Christmas morning was very fun. It is always nice to be home because there are so many arms that love holding a new born and fresh arms and legs that can bounce him :) I love it and Beckham does too! To be honest, we didn't get Beckham a single gift. Terrible parents right? I wanted to get him a picifier with a mustach on it-it is really funny. BUT, they are pricey and not durable so I couldn't justify it.
We try to do one adventure a day when we are all together and spend the rest of the time taking naps and chillin. This day we obviously went golfing.

Shaw's Cove was Super cool! I can't believe I have never been here before. Fat colorful starfish! We all LOVED it!
These were just a few more random Christmas pictures.

On Christmas Eve, we do a cheesy talent show. What do you do with a newborn? You tie bells to his arms, legs and bum and help him dance. As abusive as the picture look-he really liked it, I promise.

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