Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All hail to the washer and dryer

When looking for a place to live out here, Mike was very adiment that there was a washer a dryer in our place.  We would find a great place to live for a great price and Mike would x it for the lack of a washer and dryer. At the time I was thinking- "We will be okay! We can get by without one."
In chi-town, we would have to go down to the basement and fork over 6$ everytime we wanted to do some laundry.
Truth be told, Mike did all the laundry in our two years there. Partly because he is a good man and those baskets got heavy and partly because he didn't trust me with his clothes ( I may have shrunk a few things along the way).
My parents happened to have an extra washer and dryer so we pulled those things on upstairs and lo and behold the electric dryer and the gas hook-ups did not get along but thanks to the wonderful craigslist, we not only can wash our clothes, we can DRY them.
In the end, Mike was definitely right! This whole washer and dryer thing is fantastic!
You can wash any size load, any time you want- isn't that the best invention ever? It's up there, I'm sure-ask the pioneers.
....these are the exciting things my life has come to...
Wait until I get a letter in the mail... Then the excitement will really start.


  1. You'll love it even more when the baby comes. I HATED doing laundry with a kid and before we had an in-unit WD. Luke always seemed to leak out of all ends right after we'd done laundry.

  2. I second the above comment--the washer/dryer will be your best friend when the bb comes :)