Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Utah and General Conference

So my dad is part of the BYU Management Society and they do a conference in Utah every year. My mom and dad asked me if I wanted to go. Why not? I am not up to too much.  Mike worries I will go crazy of boredom one day, so I decided to go. I think Mike just really wanted to watch sports without me bothering him :). My mom and I would drop off my dad at his meetings and then go run errands doing the stuff you can only do in Utah like get a J-Dawg, BYU ice cream, buy some cans at the case sell at Maceys....why is this revolving around food?? Then we would pick Eric up, pick up my dad and go and hang out for awhile. It was really a fun trip! It was strange to just have me and my parents-flashbacks to senior year, all alone at home as the youngest. They still spoil me.... We went and visited family and my grandmothers grave with my mom's sisters.
We drove back just in time to meet my sister and her family and Mike up for conference. When I was younger, I remember thinking General Conference was a holiday. I mean, there is nothing better than the Gen Conference feast, playing Bingo with the kids (it got a little competitive) and just hanging out with the family all day. This is why we moved here...for times like these.
This breakfast pizza is one of my favorite things in the world!! I LOVE IT and look forward to it every 6 months :)
I hear once we have kids that we will never get to REALLY listen to a live session of conference again. I can see how that might be true. The kid games are just too much fun!
Now we are back to our lovely abode. It is amazing weather here and I came up with some new baby projects to occupy my time-so rest assured folks-I won't go crazy. :) I am also starting to tutor this week which I am hoping can work out with the baby thing happening....

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