Monday, October 28, 2013

A rude awakening....

Which do you like better? Yeah, me too. Sure I made the first one with love and care and only 6$  I feel good about it. It's cute and halloweeny which is exactly what I wanted.... Then I walked into Michael's while they were having their garland sale (going on until Monday for Columbus Day- a holiday created for shopping. Lets be honest here folks). Boom! 11$ later, I walk out with this gorgeous fall wreath that will last me September to November.
I used the other one in my house which looks cute until I end up hating it next year which is what I usually do with my homemade things.
But the gorgeous one I got for 70% off hanging on my door?? As long as I learn how to pack it away without crushing it- I think I will love it forever.
So what did I learn from this?
As fun as it is to be "crafty". My stuff usually ends up looking a little pitiful and I should just spend a fee dollars more, look for the next sale and live it a lot longer.
Until next time....

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