Friday, August 16, 2013

San Fran day 2

My First day of this trip is having a hard time uploading. I guess that is what we get for staying the cheapest hotels in town. Oh well. I will try again tonight. Today we woke up in a tent surrounded by bugs. But we managed to get them off, take a hobo shower in the sink and be on our way. We had bought bagels and muffins to eat for breakfast to save money and that worked out just great. Our first stop was Solvang. We got there at 9, so not a lot was open yet but we ended up staying for so long, we still got to see everything. We LOVED Solvang. It reminded us of our Danish mission president whome we got to see last summer in Denmark. 
We got to eat some Elberskivers which my Dad has promised he will make for me sometime...I am still holding him to it. They were soo good! They were also really cheap and since we already ate breakfast, we just shared. 
This was the cutest little park that I have ever seen! It was adorable. We also went into some amazing glass shops and wooden toy shops. 
When we showed up to Pismo Beach, the first thing we saw was this seagull attacking a pigeon. It was soo sad. He just kept coming back after it, Then there were all these pelicans just hanging out. Some girls were petting them but that did not sound appealing to me. They could eat my hand!
It was a little foggy, but there were a lot of surf lessons going on and we enjoyed walking around for awhile. 
We then went to the iconic Madonna Inn. Of course we both checked out the bathrooms where the males pee in the waterfall. 
I couldn't believe how much pink was in this place. It was out of control. 
Our last stop in San Luis Obispo was the bubblegum wall. This wall was covered! So we added our gum to the side, took some pictures and got out of there before we could trip and fall. It was fascinating to look at and yet kinda made ya sick.
Morro Bay was amazing!! Where in the world did this rock come from? 
The beach smelled so bad and all along the shore were these dead crabs. TONS OF THEM! So as cool as the rock was, the crabs were pretty nasty and especially the bugs surrounding them. 
You can't really tell, but these are otters just hanging out. They did not move an inch while we were there. They were just chillin. 
On a whim we decided to stop at the Hearst Castle. How could you not right? It was a really interesting tour. It was towards the end of the day and serious 10 degree heat change from down in the ocean, so I was a little worn out and my extra baby pounds didn't help the matter. 
But it was still fun to see and amazing to think of all the work that went into this place. 
The pool alone was worth the trip. Especially if they would let us go in it. Mike kept asking why he would spend his money to build this house when he should have opened a nonprofit for orphans....those dang social workers take all the fun out of being rich.
Right before going to the hotel and getting dinner, we went to see the elephant seals hanging out and fighting on the beach. They were so cool! We are going to stop in again tomorrow morning to see if they are all still there just hanging out. I love marine life. 

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  1. Fun!! I've stopped at most of these places but never been to Solvang--looks neat! What a great trip to take together.