Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 1 of our San Fran getaway

For some reason, this is out of order...sorry. Being the cheapskates that we are, and so hardcore like we are, we decided to stay in a tent at a campground near Santa Barbara. The beauty of this is that you automatically have the wake up call of the children staying next to you and whatever rodent keeps scurrying next to your tent. 
We had pretty recently been to some of the LA beaches but one that we did not get to was Venice Beach. We loved it! It was too funny to see all the freak shows, muscle men work outs and medical marijuana shops. 
Mike even let me drive :)It took awhile to get the whole hair in a convertible down but eventually, I got it down to a science. 
In Santa Barbara, we had the most amazing VERY authentic mexican food. You knew it was authentic because the menu options were beef, beef eye or beef tongue and that was it. 
As we continued walking cute Santa Barbara, we found a crepe store that looked too delicious not to stop. Santa Barbara is such a fun town with such cute little shops. 
This is another one of Mike working out at muscle beach. Trying to be one of "those guys".

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