Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 3

We were staying by the seals, so we decided to stop by and see them in the morning. They were fighting and swimming and smelly like the day before. So fun to watch!
This was the whole ride that day. Just this gorgeous, endless winding coastline. We wanted to pull over on every turn to take pictures and then you realize that they pretty much all look alike on camera. 
We decided to take a little walk at Pfieffer park. It was amazing! There is even a little waterfall in the corner of the rocks that you can barely see in this panoramic picture. Loved having a panoramic on this trip! It was so fun1
We stopped at Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur and it was amazing food! The BEST panini I have ever had! Not to mention the most AMAZING view of the ocean and forest from our seats. We would highly recommend going here if you drive through. 
We did the 17 mile drive which landed us in a VERY foggy pebble beach. The sand was soooo white though!
There was this cute little seal just hanging out letting everyone take pictures of him. That was nice. If you got too close he would give a very smelly honk. It was kind of funny. You could hear all of his seal friends on a rock about a half a mile away but you could not see any of them because of the fog. shame shame. 
We walked the streets of Monterrey. It was a very cute place. I stopped in and had my palm read. I know, I know, it is a little witchcrafty, but I have always wanted to do it and thought it was really spot on. Plus she told me I would have a long life so that was a relief! She also told me that I would be poor for the next few years...haha. I could have told her that! (dang student loans!)
Ya know, you drive through these towns in a mustang with the top down and you're feeling really cool. until.... you go through the city that happens to be hosting the exotic car show for the year....then you all of the sudden feel like such a wanna be. (especially when you realize you have a Mustang for a week, and a Honda waiting for you at home).
These were flashlight keychains. They reminded me of a clock that I got from an investigator in Poland where Christ lit up like a disco ball. I am regretting not buying one. 
Next stop, Santa Cruz! This place was way cool! It was an entire fair, theme park on the shore. There was a concert going on while we were there too so there were especially a lot of people. 
We went on this people carrier thing and it scared me to death. It made me realize how old and grandmaish I am getting. It is just a matter of time before I become the mother holding the jackets at the bottom taking pictures while everyone else does fun things. 
Our next stop was San Francisco. But we had to stop and take a picture of this lighthouse. I have never seen one that was actually working and used for a purpose. 

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