Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 4

Before we really got started, Mike read there was a demolition going on in SF. We headed over there with our breakfast and watched a building get blown up. That was pretty fun to watch.
Then it was time to start the real stuff....We decided to start on one side of San Francisco and walk to the other. This would have been an easier task 15 pounds lighter-I swear! By midday, my feet were killing me!
 But we started at the first pier and found this really neat chairs that spun...so of course, being the mature people that we are...we decided to have a spinning contest. I won by 1/4 of a spin :).

We stumbled upon the farmer's market which only goes on on Saturdays. It was amazing! Such amazing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Grocery stores do not even compare. 

As we walked a little further, this museum was doing outdoor demonstrations. They took a bunch of bike parts and put them together to make all sorts of different kinds of bikes. Some were big wheels, some 3 wheels, some you pumped instead of peddled and some had multiple handle bars. Mike hopped on this little guy and took it for a spin. All the foreigners were laughing at him. I don't blame them. 

As we kept walking, we ran into the America's cup. So of course, we had to walk in there and see what was going on. They had some little games set up and a bunch of bean bag chairs for watching the big screen tvs. A race was about to start so we lined up to watch it. Then it got post-poned for what seemed like FOREVER because of the wind. Then Italy's boat broke, THEN New Zealand's boat broke. We were at the finish line hoping to see a really cool ending but instead we waited an hour just to see some broken boats creep across the finish line. It was still history in the making and we are glad we saw it. 

Lunch time! We decided to bring breakfast muffins and bagels with us on our journey, then do one cheap meal and then one better meal everyday. So these are our cheap-o hot dogs from Pier 39. We sat and watched all the happenings.

There was a magic show going on, so we watched that for a bit and headed around to all the little shops. There were also all the seals that have taken over some of the docks. They are always fun to watch. 

On to Fisherman's Wharf. This place was a madhouse! So many freak shows and soooo many restaurants. It was wayyyy too crowded!

Of course we have to hit Ghiradelli Square. They were giving out free chocolate at each door, so we made sure to pass through all the doors many times. Then we finally decided that we shouldn't be THAT big of cheapskates and we bought some delicious ice cream! It took a long time to get it, but my feet enjoyed the rest. 

6$/ticket for a trolley ride. Dang that inflation. BUT, you have to do it when you are here! There was a 1-2 hour wait at Ghiradelli square to get on so we hiked up (I really mean up!) some streets to Lombard street where we waited for some tourists to get off to take their Lombard pictures and we stole their spot :) It was a perfect plan. 

Last stop of the night! Thai food! Mike found this restaurant online and I was soooo glad he did! IT WAS SOOO GOOD! We walked away very content. Then it was back to Oakland to our hotel. 

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