Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 5

We started our morning marching up and down Lombard street. Early morning is a good time to go because there weren't as many people and there were not cops yelling at everyone. 

This picture does not really do it justice, but we decided to go down the street with the top down. I was standing on the seat taking pictures while Mike drove. Some people were saying how smart we were. I am sure others wanted to kill us for being in the middle of all their pictures :)

Big fan of Full House. Always have been. So of course we had to stop and see the painted sisters. Parking wasn't too bad here, so that was nice :).

We ran into another farmer's market. We got some more HUGE peaches and Mike got "The Best D*** Cheeseburger" It really was soo good. Complete with egg, Bacon and a greasy grilled bun. 

From there, we went to the Golden Gate Park. Right when we got there, there was an Indian festival going on. So we watched the parade pass by. 

There were some free swing dancing lessons happening too, but Mike opted for the Japanese Tea Garden. 

Walking out of the Tea Garden, there was a Hungarian Orchestra playing....I tell you what-We have THE BEST timing on things. We plan...don't get me wrong...but whenever we go somewhere there are just randomly these cool parades, festivals and markets going on. It is sweet!

Golden Gate Park is HUGE and we would have loved to bike it but we had a reservation on the Adventure Cat Catamaran. I really liked this one. It was an hour and half by Alcatraz, Angel Island, under the very foggy Golden Gate Bridge and back. We would have loved to do Alcatraz but they were selling tickets 2 weeks in advance and we didn't know we were doing this trip until a few days before...shame shame...

While we were on the boat, they warned people that they could get wet. It was a really windy day (like most days in SF) and I know the way boats work. Wind+fast boat=DRENCHED. So we stayed in the back most of the time and watched all the innocent people get TOTALLY soaked! It was pretty funny. Then, when the boat slowed down, we ran up to the front and enjoyed the scenery and took some pictures and then back to our retreat. 

We stopped by Chowders after watching another magician and had the famous clam chowder in a bowl and some shrimp. I actually don't like seafood, so I took out all the seafood gross stuff and ate the chowder and the bowl :) Mike loved it 

Then to the top of the twin peaks where we watched the sunset. It was a perfect ending to our day...

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