Saturday, August 3, 2013

Huntigton Beach and more

We roated some smores in the backyard just for fun. Ya can't get enough of em right?
This was my perfect smore. Ya should have seen it! This picture does not do it justice
This was my mom's perfect smore. She was very fond of it and thus deserved a picture.
I got to be the 5th wheel to The Pageant of the Masters. The theme was the movies and it was fantastic! This was only my 2nd year going. I took my sister's ticket and Mike didn't seem too interested in going so he got a night all to himself.
It was awesome to be at the surf competition and see all the action. We got free Slurpees, yogurt, snacks and candy. We got to watch the surfers, skateboarders and BMX too. It was so much fun. Sadly, Kelly Slater got out the day before.
We also went with my parents nad my aunt to the symphany in the park. My dad kept trying to get in our picture

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