Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another day in LA

Mike has done an awesome job looking for a job and we definitely have some hope coming up. We decided that he needed a day off. We got tickets to go to Jay Leno and found this awesome restaurant. So cheap and so good!
We showed up 30 minutes before they asked and there were a lot of people there. What we didnt realize is there were even more people on the other side. So they started to let people in from both sides at the same time and it booted us to the back of the line. The place holds almost 400 people and there were about 80 people behind us so we thought we were for sure good. But lo and behold you can hear people clapping on the inside and WE are on the outside. NO BUENO. I was getting sad when finally they let just 4 more people in and WE WERE IN! In fact, we were placed in the 2nd to front row. It was so perfect! We got to shake Jay's hand and even got a short 2 seconds of fame.
AND here is the baby bump just for fun :)
My sister has been in town for a few days and we have  had a blast swimming

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