Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We had some big plans for LA but sadly, I'm just not moving as quickly as I was. I ended up getting a little nauseous and having to head home before we could hit up the Hollywood sign and Venice beach but I guess it is just a reason to go back next time :)
We started off heading to the ESPN zone to wait for the filming of Sportsnation. We got in but no air time. So lame! I don't think I was cheering enough because I basically had no idea what they were talking about. But it was still fun to be there and see the behind the scenes.
From there we went and ate at the home of the first French dipped sandwich and had the most amazing caramel filled churro on Olivera street.
From there we headed to the trashy Hollywood and walked through the Kodak theatre. They had stairs that played the piano when you walked on them. They were so cool! We passed by a lot of langerie shops and wax museums. We drove on Sunset boulevard and into Beverly Hills where we saw some 22 million dollar homes and their Gardeners. Could you imagine having one of those? From there we went to Santa Monica Boulevard and loved listening to the live bands and walking the pier. It was such a fun day!now back to the job search.

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