Wednesday, August 21, 2013

27th Birthday!

I LOVE birthdays. I love other people's birthdays and I love my birthday. :) Mike did some serious groupon research and put together an amazing birthday! The night before we went out to dinner with kristyn and her family to Spaghetti Factory. Kristyn's birthday is the day before mine and all growing up we celebrated together. Now that we live so close once again, we got to reinstate the tradition. My parents gave me the Cutest baby bag you've ever seen! I am in live with it.
The day of my birthday, mike made me breakfast and dropped me off to get a maternity massage. I loved every minute of it! From there, we went to El Torito where I had a free birthday meal and then we went kayaking at Huntigton Beach. We got my free ice cream scoop at baskin Robbins and went home and went swimming. We even brought out our snorkeling gear just for fun. :) the night ended with my parents and Mike making an amazing sweet corn, potato and steak dinner! It was soo good! Mike slipped out for a few minutes and came back with this AMAZING poppy painting that I have wanted for years but never had the guts to buy. It's gorgeous! I still can't believe we have it now!
I know one day we are going to have to tone down the birthdays. Ya know, when we have jobs and kids but we gotta live it up while we can right :)
It was such a wonderful day! Thank you Mike for being so thoughtful and wonderful!

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  1. That painting is so pretty! Good job Michael! Haha Hope ya had a good birthday!