Saturday, September 1, 2012

Before and After...

This is the classroom when we walked in this past Monday. The teacher that was there hadn't moved a thing!

After 5 11 hour days from both Mike and I, the room is complete and ready for student work! It looks a little bare but think of it like a canvas awaiting the artists...
Made some hand signals that are in the circles that will be taught to the students so they will not have to interrupt class. The Polka dot board is dedication to Literacy so there is a poster with post its on it so student's can recommend books to one another. The pocket chard will be used for lending library and the bucket is for homework.
Everything is better in zebra right? Mike was kind enough to hook up these computers the school just got with a grant. I was even able to use my kindergarten rug here.
Someone gave me these stickers and I thought they fit perfectly on this ugly cabinet.
This is our cute little word wall and there are labels on all the cabinets reminding me what is in them.
Made these curtains from cutting and sewing cheap sheets from WalMart. The frames are from my sister's wedding and the no name thing is made from card stock and some painted clothespins. It will hopefully work out just fine!
I finally got to get the green hat stand out of my house! I also got to get the pillows in the background for free! I would love some type of bigger stand for the paper, but it will work :)
The cursive flags came from a site online for free. The whole class is surrounded with quotes in the red paper.
The outside bulletin board is ready for writing! I was able to put their names on these cute little tags I made on my mom's cricut! Well, that is it for now. Super excited for Tuesday!

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  1. Your classroom looks so great Alyson! Hope the first week goes smoothly for you! :)