Saturday, August 25, 2012

Denmark Day 2

President took us to a cute little town and wandered around while he went to the dentist. These towns have so much personality and are so well kept. 

Ever since this trip, we have had a little thing for feeding the animals. These ducks were a lot more trusting than the ones in must be the communism. They would come right up and surround you and eat bread right out of your hand. One of the swans hissed at Mike though so we refused to feed that one. He was bully. 

We headed to this gorgeous castle. We have seen a lot of castles on this trip but this one is absolutely amazing and detailed. 

It is also home to all of the Carl Bloch paintings that the church uses. It was so interesting to me that we were the only ones that cared about the paintings, everyone else just walks right through this room. 

The walls were made of embossed leather and tapestries specifically for this room . It really was amazing. The rest of the day was spent spending time with the Engbjergs and seeing pictures and things and of course some amazing cooking by Sister Engbjerg. 

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