Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Mike snuck up on this little squirrel. He just found a sandwich in the garbage. Smart little guy
After working such a long week, Mike and I decided to finally leave our neck of the woods and get out and enjoy Chicago for a bit. We headed downtown to get some free noodles from Noodles and Co for my birthday and just walked around. It was a beautiful night and there were tons of people out and about. This art piece thing spits out water and has a little water fountain on the other side of it.
A lot of the buildings have this written on them for Back to School
While we were walking around we found this sweet jazz festival going on for free. Gotta love Chicago.
On Monday, we went out to brunch with some new people in the ward. On the way back, I remembered that the Chicago 's Teacher's Union was having a rally today. They are threatening to go on strike next Monday. There were a ton of people there. The best part was when Mike turned down the street that they all were marching down and all of the sudden we were surrounded by red shirts screaming and chanting. The police had to part the red sea and escort us out. It was so funny. But people were loving him honking his horn for the teachers! I tried to take picture of it, but my cell phone was too slow.

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