Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vienna Day 2

 This is the German version of my favorite store in Chicago! We got our dinner here for 4 bucks!

 The amazing architecture here never ends! The best part of this church was this crazy old angry nun that was getting sooo mad at people for taking pictures. When she saw them, she would run at them with a sign that has a camera crossed out and put it in their face and then walk off disgusted. It really was hilarious.
Vienna is just so clean and beautiful.It was rated as one of the best places to live and we had such a blast running all over this place.
 We climbed to the top of a church and saw that gorgeous view from above. I love the roof on that church too. so cool!
 Of course we had to get a bratwurst while we were here.
 This had to be my favorite place! It is the library but everywhere you turned was some beautiful building. It was really neat.

 We rode bikes all day and were able to see everything we needed to see :)
 We went into some random building and no one was there so we thought it was just a photo shoot waiting to happen.

 On our way out we even ran into the German and Austrian president.
This is our train ride off to Budapest. The 7th prettiest place in the world. As we were walking from the train station it looked a little creepy but hopefully it can redeem itself tomorrow. 

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