Friday, August 17, 2012

Budapest Day 1

 These baths are the very first thing you will hear about when you read about Budapest and they did not disappoint. We woke up, had an amazing breakfast at our hotel and went straight for these pools. There are 3 outside and 20 pools inside ranging in temperature from 60 degrees to 95 degrees. Some of them are built on natural hot springs whereas others are built just for fun. The natural ones just had a different feel and I swear we didn't float as well in them. They also tended to smell a little like rotten eggs. We swam around and then of course we had to try out each of the pools. We went into one of the many saunas but it was just much to hot. We brought a lunch there and just relaxed. We thought about getting a massage but they were all booked.
 There had to have been about 30 different languages being spoken in this place. Budapest is one of those places that Europeans love to visit. We have found a few people that speak English, but not a ton. It is definitely not catered towards Americans/the English like the other countries have been.
 After washing the smell out of our hair we headed to see some sights.

 They have a ton of statues and they were pretty much asking us to climb on them.
 We headed down the road and went to the House of Terror museum. A lot of it was in Hungarian, but a lot was also in English. The building they were using for the museum was also used as a prison and a place to hang prisoners from WWII. It was really interesting and some of it was really disturbing. It was strange to think that this place was communist not too long ago.

 I couldn't tell if this was a random hot spring or if it was the fountain of youth so i put the water on my face just to be safe.
 We ran into a Ronald Reagan statue and Mike just couldn't resist.

 Here is the Parliament. Mike and I both agreed that it is our favorite building we have seen on our trip-and we have seen a ton of buildings!! It was just gorgeous and so ornate! A lot of it was destroyed during the war but it is all fixed up now :)
Shoes of the Jewish people that died.
 Sunset by the parliament building on lake Danube.
 This was the best meal we have had! It was so cheap and absolutely amazing!
 Since that was so good, we had to get dessert and we were not dissapointed :)
 Some people really struggle taking pictures with iphones.
Parliament building at night. 
And that restaurant with the good food even gave us water for free!! Unheard of! It was so delightful!

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  1. I loved Budapest! I don't remember the shoes by the river, but that's probably because the Danube was flooding when I was there. Did you go to the Buda side? It didn't really look like it (on day one). There's some huge statue at the top of one of the hills there by some fort/castle. Our tour guide said it was the "guy who ran out of the bathroom with his towel on him and an ice cream cone in his hand" statue.