Sunday, August 19, 2012

Budapest Day 2

We  have absolutely loved Budapest! It has been such an experience. Today we were able to rent a super cheap scooter all day and only spend 4$ on gas. Now that is my kind of transportation. We drove all around town, one of our stops being a little island. We walked all around and found these cool ruins.

 And these cute little buildings... We couldn't take a picture in the front becuase there was a wedding going on. In fact, we probably saw 8 different weddings today alone.
 These are our cool helmets. It is a little scary how thick they were. Obviously, there have been problems in the past but Mike was a great driver.
 We went up to another castle village and it was so cute!
 Of course there is always a church at the center of any village.Here and Vienna probably had the most commercialized churches I have ever seen. There are little stores in them, they charge to go in them, charge to go to the top-it is kind of sad really but then again, that is probably how they are so nicely restored.
 This is a cute little Polski Fiat that we found on the side of the road. These were the cars that people waited on a list for 3 years to get during the communist times. Someone mentioned that you just get a call that you got a car-no option on size or color.
 Nice View right?
 We felt so bad for these guys! It was so hot and everybody was taking pictures of them and they weren't allowed to do anything about it. They should at least be able to put out a hat or something right?
 That is the parliament building again. Isn't it so beautiful!?
 We found another wedding going on at this Cinderella Castle. We have gotten ice cream in each city to see which one had the best ice cream. Mike liked Vienna better and I liked this one the best.
 We headed up to a hill in Budapest where we got to play on the communist tanks. That doesn't happen everyday.
 I think this is the statue you were talking about with the ice cream Annette!
 We then headed up to the hills on statue park where they have taken all the communist statues and put them in a single park. It was pretty interesting. We couldn't believe how many there were.
 When Hungary finally broke free they tied ropes around Stalin's statue and pulled his body down-only his feet remained here. I tell ya what, these communist guys really loved to get statues made of themselves.

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