Sunday, August 19, 2012

Krakow Poland Day 1

 We went on two different trains and a bus and finally made it to Krakow. On the way, we stopped in Katowice and decided to walk towards their new chapel. As we were walking up, church was just getting out and Mike was able to see an elder he taught in the mtc and was able to talk to some members from that branch. It is one of the biggest branches in Poland with about 60 members. The chapel used to be on top of club Babylon but they finally changed it due to the beats going on below.
 Our place is right in the middle of town. We walked around a bit and saw the most gorgeous paintings! I wish we could have gotten one home without it getting ruined but I just don't think that would happen.
 We headed through the town and saw some shops with Polish wood carvings, pottery and all that touristy stuff. It was so fun. I have to saw, Poland might not be as pretty as some of the other towns but it definitely has a little more heart. Maybe I am partial.
 There were these cute little kids dancing in a folk art festival that happened to be going on. Perfect timing!
 While we walked through the festival we found this clock necklace. Poland is so cheap, I couldn't resist!
 We stopped by Babcia Malinas for some Polish food. This place is perfect for traditional Polish food and everyone loves it. We had to sample a little of everything and we were soooo stuffed! But it was delicious! Goulash in a bread bowl, zurek in a bread bowl, potatoes and cutlets and perogi. yum!

 We went and listened to a concert going on outside and this homeless lady with no hands kept getting up and dancing. The security guys kept telling her to sit down, so she would and then right when they left she would get up again. It was so funny to watch! I wish we got a picture of her.

 One thing krakow had more than any other city was street performers! They love their street performers!
 including their Polish break dancers-every major city has got to have them right?

 We stopped at Wedel chocolate and got some dessert to eat while we just sat in Old Town and took it all in. The desserts were amazing and it was just fun to watch the horses go by and the flame throwers doing their show and all the tourists on their bikes.

We ended with a walk down the street looking at all the pretty buildings. It was a fun day and we are so glad we made it here in time to enjoy it!

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