Monday, August 20, 2012

Krakow Day 2

 We started off our day at Wawels castle. It was so fun to wander around. There have been a lot of Kings that have lived here and each have added their own section so there are a lot of different styles. When the Nazis came in, they kicked everyone out and used it as a place for the armies to live.

 This is the Dragon's den. They have a whole story about fighting a dragon for the princess yadda know how it ends.
 Once you get out of the dragon's den, there is a dragon that breaths fire every few minutes.

 We went past a few churches which all of Europe has a lot of right? This one even had a vending machine for coins about their beloved Pope.

 We went to the Jewish Corner of the town
And then went to eat at Mike's favorite place- Da Grassos! It is such good pizza. Not really Polish food but we have to hit all the memories while we are here you know? After this we jumped on a train to Warsaw for one of the hottest train trips I have ever taken.

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  1. Oh Jan Pawel Drugi... I can't believe they have a vending machine for him.
    Man you guys are having quite the trip! I'm jealous!